New Client Enrollment

I am accepting new patients, but can only take a few new clients a month. If you would like to become a new patient, please email us to be put on the new client wait list. The office manager will contact you when a spot becomes available.

Please email

Information to include in your email to be put on the waitlist:

  1. Name and contact information
  2. Best time and way to reach you
  3. Brief description of chief complaint
  4. Who referred you to us?
  5. Any questions about pricing or insurance or referrals to other practitioners

Once we receive your email, we will confirm you are on the list.

What to Expect From Your Visit

The first visit typically lasts one to one and a half hours, and begins with a thorough intake process reviewing your health history. Depending on why you seek care, a visit may include orthopedic or other noninvasive tests. After evaluation and diagnosis, the acupuncturist will insert needles and leave patients to relax for about a half hour. The acupuncturist remains close at hand to answer questions, make adjustments, and monitor patient comfort.

Follow up visits last from forty-five minutes to an hour and include progress evaluations and needle retention. The number of follow up visits vary; an estimate of the number of treatments will be determined during initial consultation.

How to prepare for your visit

It is best to eat something in the hours prior to your treatment, ideally, patients should not be too hungry or too full.

Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is best.